Aliens: Are they here?
Do they really exist?

I saw a UFO a long time ago with my husband, Robert. I think it was in 1979 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, a little north and west of the main city of Shawnee while on State Highway 177, north of I-40. I didn't see any aliens, but we both saw a hovering craft of some sort with lights unlike anything we had ever seen before in real life or have ever seen since. We were parked on the shoulder talking and looked up to see this craft hovering just above the top of a tree only a few feet in front of us. We stared at it for what seemed like a long time, but what was probably in reality only a minute or two. It was a light aluminum color, matte finish, with lights around the periphery that oscillated like chaser lights. They were various colors not just a single color. There were no visible symbols, words, etc.--no windows, just an oblong, elliptically-shaped object. It seemingly didn't emit any sound. It took off perpendicularly to the direction we were pointed (north) and headed west toward Oklahoma City. We followed it down a gravel/dirt county road as fast as we could, and as we drove faster it moved faster until we were really speeding. It zipped to the horizon and disappeared in the blink of an eye. We don't know what we saw other than the obvious, but we were not doing drugs or drinking. We were not mentally unsound in any way, and we saw what we saw.
I asked my astronomy professor later if he had heard of any sightings of unidentified objects of any kind (since he followed this sort of thing), and he said he didn't know of anything at all, but would check (which he did to no avail). Robert and I went back to that same location several times, but nothing ever happened (no repeat performances!) We also sat at various other locations, like a small power station and local airports looking for something, a "sign"--anything, but never got one--we never saw anything else that related to this incident. This experience makes me want to believe in "more"! I wish I knew more. I guess I will always be looking for answers, and this was just another BIG question to add to my growing list. Maybe someday?!! :-) Kathy Bentley

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