ce*leb*ri*ty (se-leb're-ti), n. [pl. -TIES], 1. fame. 2. a famous person.

Whether or not, I should be, I am drawn to the famous like most people seem to be. I wonder what it is about them that makes them so, and I like to draw faces and to try to capture the essence of the person. Maybe it is harder or more challenging with someone who is "famous", well known, because they are "out there", seen by many more people who can tell you whether or not you've captured them. I am still trying: some are close, some are not. Here are a few attempts.

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As always, this is a work in progress and isn't finished. Please bear with me as I add more pictures.

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STING,a.k.a. Gordon Sumner*

* Dylan McDermott*

Woody Allen*

John Wayne*

Lauren Hutton*

Martin Luther King* (2005)

ColinPowell* (2005)


Halle Berry Eyes*


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Background picture: TOM CRUISE*

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