Spies and Intrigue...

La Femme Nikita was a great television series based on a couple of movies,
one by the same name, but both with the same basic premise. In the series, a young
transient female is wrongly blamed for the death of a policeman
and jailed. All this in a plot to recruit her against her will to become a spy
in a super secret agency dedicated to foiling terrorists and other baddies
before they can culminate their plans and generally run amok
spreading evil and chaos in the world.

Nikita, played by Australian actress, Peta Wilson.

Our heroine, Nikita!

After being trained to be the ultimate spy/killing machine, Nikita balks against authority
(which wants success by any means) and begins to refuse her orders, rebelling
as her own sense of morality changes her philosophy toward the Agency. In the end
through much strife, she changes the system bringing others with her.


Nikita falls in love with another agent, Michael.

Michael is the ultimate uber spy!

Techno Babble in Comm...

Nikita and Michael.


Peta Wilson book, LA FEMME PETA.

La Femme Nikita movie poster.
The original was a French movie made in 1990 or 1991.
There is also an American version, "Point Of No Return" (1993), with Bridget Fonda as Nikita.

Peta Wilson was also in an action hero movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (2003), in which she played Mina Harker, a vampire.
She also played an informative flight attendant, Bobbie Faye, in the movie, "Superman Returns" (2006).

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