...and other Preternatural beings...Female Vampire from the Nightmare Factory Female Vampire costume from the Nightmare Factory

The Children of the Night dwell in the Shadows...
Do you dare seek them out ?

I really love Vampire movies! There are probably more that I can ever think of, but I liked "Bram Stoker's Dracula",
"Interview with the Vampire", "Dracula"(1979), "Dracula"(1940's version), "The Hunger", "The Lost Boys", the "Blade" trilogy, "The
Little Vampire," and even some of the B-movies like "Van Helsing," "Dracula 2000," "Near Dark," and "After Dusk". I would like to see
old ones like "Nosferatu"(which I saw part of) and others I have heard mentioned like the Spanish version of "Dracula"(1931),
"Dracula's Daughter"(1936), "Son of Dracula"(1948) and "House of Dracula"(1945) but haven't seen yet. I used to run home from
grade school just to watch the end of the "Dark Shadows" soap opera. I was hooked even as a little kid.


I have even watched any vampire shows I've noticed on television over the years, such as the newer version
of "Dark Shadows" (which was good but episode-wise was very short), "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", etc.
I just haven't seen the perfect show yet...I am still waiting.

The motto for the recent Broadway musical/play, Lestat, was: "Die young, Live forever!"

Gary Oldham as 'Count Vlad'

Gary Oldham as Dracula

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EeeeK!... Batgirl costume from the Nightmare Factory Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing Another Batgirl costume from the Nightmare Factory ...a BAT!

Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing

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