The Moon!
Werewolves And Other Changelings...AHOooooooooo!

I thought I heard a wolf!Things are not always what they seem...

You wonder if anything ever is after you hear a lone baleful howl... The trees' branches before you are palely illuminated by the bluish-silver light of the full moon. The shadows shorten and lengthen as the wispy fingers of the clouds reach out and grasp the moon, then just as quickly free their "victim". Are those eyes? Is that a face peering at you, wondering you clutch your cloak closer to your body trying to keep out the chill which inevitably will not stop traveling up and down your spine. Look deeper...

There was a werewolf in London.................he was howling at the moon!..........Aoohooooooooo!

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Van Helsing chases after Dracula only to find out that he, himself, is a werewolf!

Van Helsing (2004)

Other notable werewolf movies are "Werewolf of London"(1935), "The Wolf Man" (1941), "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"(1943), "She-Wolf of London"(1946), "American Werewolf in London"(1981), "Wolfen"(1981) and the "Howling"(1980) series. There is a new movie, The Wolfman", that starts February 12, 2010. It looks like it might be good! For a great list of werewolf movies check out:
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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

MOVIE: "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban" (2003)

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