Will we ever understand the most basic questions of life?

"Elementary, my dear Watson!" Or is it?
It seems like it should be, doesn't it?
WE are here for some reason although it seems to be for six and a half billion reasons. For as many people as there are on Earth and the Universe as we know it, there are just as many answers. The questions are as vast as the Universe itself. Many profess to have the answers; many have no idea. Rene Descartes, a famous philosopher, tried to prove our existence by postulating: "I think; therefore, I am." He sought to prove that without thought, consciousness, there was no existence, that one proved the other.
How can we prove anything to anyone, but ourselves? A quote from D. Chopra says:
"What is most real, finally, is our self. After a course in philosophy, we may doubt the existence of everything else in the cosmos, but we are pretty sure of our own existence."

I tend to agree; I "know" I am here and few basic other facts. The absolutes can be argued to infinity, but I am pretty sure I am here typing these words, making a webpage, and that "is" an absolute fact to me.

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We may never know why we are here, what the purpose is or if there is a purpose--a reason, but the journey of life is worth the effort and may BE the reason.

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