Family Pictures

Sean and Laura Bentley, March 2006--photo by Robert Bentley. Picture taken near a cemetery in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Sean and Laura Bentley, March 2006
Ages: 14 and 12.

Photo by Robert Bentley.


Sean and Laura

Our cute kids! We aren't prejudiced or anything!
(Dec. 1997--Ages: 4 and 6, respectively) (Nov. 1995--Ages: 4 and 2.)
"Sean and Laura's first page"


SO SERIOUS! Yes, this was taken before the kids!
It is an old picture now, but one of my favorites of me that Robert took!
(October 1990)

Robert Bentley, 1992 or 1993. Self-portrait.


Robert is taking your picture! He loves photography and is very talented!

Click here to see some of his work!

Robert Bentley, 1997.

Kathy and Robert

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