Sean and Laura's Pokemon Page

Gotta catch'em all!..zZz...

. . You're toast!......You can't CATCH me!! . .

Gotta catch'em all!

Sean and Laura loved Pokemon so much when they were younger that they had to have their own page, just to look at them
whenever they wanted! Here are a few characters' pictures from one of their favorite shows!

Team Rocket takes off at the speed of light...That's Right!

Squirtle! Bulba! Bulba! Bulbasaur! Char! Char! Char!


The Official Pokemon Site
Theatrical Anime In America (The Origins of Anime in the USA)
Another Big Pokemon Fan Site
My Neighbor TOTORO (Another Favorite Anime)

Kiki's Delivery Service (A cute anime about a Witch and her pet cat, JiJi, her familiar!)

Look, Jiji!

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Mew! Meowth, that's right! . . MewTWO!

Misty . . Mr. Mime!

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Pokemon, The First Movie!

Revelation Lugia(Japanese name)
"POKEMON 2000: The Movie"


. . .
Misty with Cubone, Misty, alone.



Pichu, a pre-evolved form of Pickachu

"Nyasu" is Meowth in Japanese

The first release of the Pokemon cartoons in the USA was in the Fall of 1998. It has gone through many
phases since the original: Johto Journies, Masterquest, etc.
Sean and Laura really liked Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and all the other Pokemon characters.
They will always be special characters for them!
Once you watch it a few times you will get "caught" too.

Gotta catch'em all, POKEMON!

POLI...Whirl! Can't Catch Me! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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